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Football Strategies from the Gridiron to Help You Grow Your Business

Pro running backs develop amazing mental resilience because they “know” they will be tackled on most plays. Successful sales pros have the same mentality.

Each team gets to keep the customer only as long as they can keep delivering forward progress. As soon as they stop moving forward, the customer will demand to be punted to the other team to have a better chance at moving forward.

Pro athletes develop finely tuned active listening skills that allow them to “hear” complicated instructions despite the roar of tens of thousands of screaming fans, which is a skill that successful business pros develop in order to effectively “hear” their clients, their vendors, their competitors and the market.

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Former Denver Broncos running back Terrell Davis delivers a presentation that is full of interesting, entertaining, insightful and powerful analogies that allow business professionals to see their challenges in a whole new light.

The Business of Football Speech Highlights

Forward Progress is Success: Even the greatest running backs in the NFL get tackled 95% of the time. They score touchdowns only 5% of the time. When they get the footall in their hands, they focus on what they’re going to accomplish “before” they get tackled. In business, we must be focused on forward progress.

You must build trust: Rookies can’t get on the field until they’ve proven that they can be trusted. Veterans can’t stay on the field unless they continually prove that they are trustworthy. Players learn to demonstrate that they can be trusted. These “demonstrations” work just as effectively in the business world as they do on the football field.

If you’re not listening “actively” you’re not listening at all : Despite 75,000 screaming fans, NFL players need to accurately hear the quarterback say “Red right trip slot disco X post Z waggle H & Y switch on 2.” In business, we need to listen “actively” to our customers, our vendors, our regulators, our competitors, our superiors and our co-workers.

Set & Celebrate small incremental goals: Teams don’t wait until they win the Super Bowl to celebrate. They celebrate every victory, every touchdown, every first down, every nice catch, every nice run, every nice throw, etc. In business, setting and celebrating small incremental goals helps to maintain high morale, high motivation and great teamwork.

Every player practices: No matter how much experience a player may have, he knows that he must practice. He must keep his skills sharp, stay current with new techniques and strategies, and continually prove that he’s better than the younger players trying to replace him. In business, if we’re not “practicing” to improve our core activities, we’re losing ground.

Consistency is a fundamental hallmark of teamwork: The quarterback must throw the football in a predictable way, and the wide receiver must run a predictable route. Without predictability, it’s impossible for them to be effective. In business, we must deliver our performances in a predictable way. Otherwise, we’re impossible to work with.

No one wins until everyone wins: In football, our goals are clearly defined so everyone knows what a victory looks like. An individual player might have a great game, but if the team doesn’t win, he doesn’t get a win. This is harder to replicate in the business world, but if you create an environment in which no one wins until everyone wins, you put the focus on teamwork.

You Will Be Tackled!

Former Denver Broncos running back and Terrell Davis delivers a presentation that is full of interesting, entertaining, insightful and powerful analogies that allow business professionals to see their challenges in a whole new light.

Analogies engage our creativity in a powerful way. Through analogy we discover new “questions” about our existing challenges. New questions lead to fresh thinking. Fresh thinking leads to new ideas. New ideas lead better solutions. Your staff will walk away from this talk with their minds buzzing with new ideas. These lessons from professional football are instantly relatable to the corporate world, and instantly actionable

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