The Business Of Football – Forbes
Sep 14, 2015 The average NFL team value is $2 billion, up 38% from 2014 and almost double
from five years ago.

business-models-work-like-footballBusiness Models Work Like Football
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Business models are complex, yet utterly important for companies. Fortunately, many of us are football experts, since modern football and business models resemble in many ways. Drawing from this analogy helps us to understand business models and their design.

What exactly do we as fans deserve to know?
Good Bull Hunting, on Wed, 16 Dec 2015 09:06:40 -0800
The hunger for knowledge has become a gnawing, burning hole in the insides of football followers: stoked with hundreds of recruiting tidbits and thousands of fluff pieces thrust upon them to justify the intense focus devoted to scouring the massive

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